Blog is online 🙋‍♂

As described in Episode 15 of my mailing list I wanted to finally make the blog happen and stop worrying about so much details. So I decided to use VuePress as a framework. I followed the guide for creating a custom theme and had basic blogging functionality up and running within a few minutes. Thanks a lot to Martin who helped me starting this.

VuePress is basically a vue.js app so everything else was familiar and easy. I use the Spectre.css framework, a few FontAwesome icons and was able to use the same newsletter component for the Mailchimp signup that I used in the past as well.

In this blog I want to publish essays after they appeared in my mailing list (sign up on the left) and post some bigger, more polished articles in the future.

The best part though, is that I finally have a digital home where I can play around again. There is still a lot to do around here:

  • Get a logo
  • Add favicons & app icons
  • Enable PWA support
  • Mobile style optimizations
  • Sign up flow analysis via GA
  • Add some subtle transitions & animations (for style 😎)
  • Add a page about my speaker-dates
  • ...and whatever else comes to mind

So with that, I hope you enjoy and as usual, scream at me via Twitter 👌


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